Lucid Tsunami Softwash Pump Cleaning System

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- Comet P40 Pump driven by Honda GX200 or GX160 gas motor + electric start 

- Max output: 11gpm @ 300psi 


- AR45 Pump driven by Honda GX200 or GX160 gas motor + electric start 

    • Max output: 11.4gpm @ 290psi

Pumps mounted using vibration-dampening isolators


- (2) 55 Gallon water tanks (manifolded at base = 110gal combined storage capacity)

- (2) 55 Gallon chemical tanks

- 7 Gallon soap tank

Hose Reels

- Summit HD aluminum reel for inlet water hose 

- Summit HD aluminum reel for chemical outlet hose 

- Summit HD aluminum reel for water (rinse) outlet hose

- Hose reels feature stainless steel internals and swivel  

- Outlet hose reels loaded with 250’ of ½” Flexzilla hose

- Inlet hose reel loaded with 200’ of ⅝” heavy duty Hurricane hose w/ garden hose fitting

Skid Chassis:

- "Butterfly Wing" design for easy access to hose reels on either side of truck bed or trailer

- Welded, Corrosion-Resistant HD Aluminum skid

- Compatible with most forklifts and pallet jacks for easy installation

- Hand-Fabricated and assembled in the USA

Proportioning System:

- Hydro mixer V4 w/bypass to pump 

- 4x metering valves for water, chemical, soap1 and soap2 (Soap 2 meters from 55gal tank and most commonly stores chemical)

- Durable aluminum housing protects valves during transit


- Pumptec 350U 12V Pump

- 3gpm @ 300psi

- Heavy duty 12V on/off switch

- Lightweight, low memory Flexzilla Hose

- Tucker Single Stage Deionized Water filter for spot-free rinsing

- 2x chemical resistant poly trigger, 18” sch 80 PVC wands

- JROD with 4 tips installed for cleaning and rinsing

- Shutoff float valve on water inlet allows for continuous tank filling during operation

- Water inlet strainer

- Perforated PVC debris strainers in chem tanks

- Wire mesh debris strainers in water tank

- Hand washing and rapid water tank drain valve

- Stainless quick-connect fittings on outlet hoses

- Proportioning manifold flush valve

- Onboard battery charger/maintainer

- Battery storage box

NOTE: Systems are tested (by Midwest) for leaks prior to delivery. Expect to see some remaining water in tanks and/or fuel in engine. Some equipment will be stored in 55gal tanks during transit. During periods of dramatic temperature swings, hoses expand and contract. Occasionally, a hose clamp may need to be re-tightened upon delivery.