C1 Spraying Drone


How Does Drone Cleaning Work? 

The drone is tethered to an on-ground cleaning system and utilizes a low-pressure cleaning method. The drone uses cleaning solutions to do the “heavy-lifting” of cleaning, rather than relying on high pressures, which can potentially cause damage to the surfaces. 

How High Can The Drone Fly? 

Our customers are limited to flying the drone up to 110 ft. per the current FAA guidelines. The height is calculated by using a max payload weight of 55 lbs (set by FAA) and determining what elevation our drone, hoses, and fluids get to that limit. 

How Strong Is The Pressure Used To Clean? 

Our drones use a low-pressure cleaning technique (less than 300 PSI). Our pump system produces roughly 9 GPM of flow. 

How Long Do The Batteries Last? 

Approximately 15–20 Minutes per fully charged battery flight. It takes 2 Batteries for each flight. 

Can I Use My Own Pump?

You bet, just let us know what system you are using, and we will work to ensure your cleaning system is good-to-go with our drone.

How Do I Transport The Drone? 

Our drone folds down into a much smaller footprint and can fit inside a travel case, which we can provide. 

Do I Need A License & Insurance To Fly The Drone? 

Yes, you will need your Part 107 license from the FAA. We provide all our customers with the study material required to pass the test. You should have aviation insurance, and we have a partner that can help. Using the drone should decrease your overall liability insurance too. 

How Easy Is It To Fly? 

Very easy! No prior drone experience is required. We have a demonstrated history of training individuals to successfully fly our drones that have no previous experience with drones. 

What’s Included When You Purchase A Drone? 

We offer several different drone bundles designed to best serve your business needs. 

What Does The Training Involve? 

We offer online training through a partnership with Drone U. This includes ongoing training to our customers through our online training portal. The online training educates our customers on the knowledge they need to know to operate our drones competently and confidently, such as battery charging, flight skills, transportation guidelines, safety protocols, and more. 

We also offer in-person training for a fee. Training is conducted locally in Charlotte, NC, for two days. While in Charlotte, our in-person training mirrors our online training and includes live on-the-job site training with a certified Lucid trainer.

What Additional Equipment Will I Need?

You will need a softwash pump set up, which would be mounted to a trailer or in the back of a truck bed. We have custom softwash pump rigs available for purchase. 

What Chemicals Do You Use? 

We have an approved chemical program. All of our customers receive access to this list, and we help our customers buy their chemicals for the most cost-effective rates. Our equipment and parts are designed to handle high levels of corrosive chemicals, like bleach.

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