Lucid Clear Window Solution 1 x 4 gal. Box

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Lucid Clear is a premium touchless glass cleaner that is designed to remove soil from window surfaces without wiping, brushing, or high pressure washing. This product is a complex and proprietary blend of premium surfactants, solvents, and chelants that penetrates tough soils quickly, rinses away freely, and dries with minimal spotting. This highly dilutable product is perfect for high. rise window cleaning with the use of drones.


Apply to pre-wet glass surface at 1 part Lucid Clear to 50 parts water. Allow to dwell on surface for a short time. Rinse glass surface thoroughly with water.

*Do not allow product to dry on surface. Do not use product at less than 1:50 dilution. Using deionized or soft water will improve performance. Using hot water will improve performance. Using a high-pressure rinse will improve performance, but low-pressure rinse can be used with positive results.

Lucid Clear SDS Sheet