Sherpa Window Cleaning Bundle

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This package contains:

x1 Sherpa Cleaning Drone

x1 Controller

x1 Straight Nozzle

x4 batteries 12S

x1 12S Smart Battery Charger

x1 Repair Kit

x1 SKB Hard Travel Case

x1 battery bags

x1 Window Payload Attachment

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Lucid Welcome Kit

Specifications Lucid Cleaning Drone

Product Model Lucid Sherpa Cleaning Drone  
Airframe Hexacopter
Max Diagonal Wheelbase 53"  
Dimensions Arms unfolded: 53"x53"x24"  
Arms folded: 24"x24"x24"
Airframe hardware 316 Stainless, Aluminum
Anti-Collision Lights 6x LED

Propulsion System  

Motors  6 
Stator Size 70mm  
KV 180kv  
Max Thrust 12kg/rotor  
Max Power 3500W/rotor  
Weight 720g  
Waterproof Rating IPX7  
Max Working Current 80A  (Continuous)   Max Working Voltage 52.2V  Foldable 

Spraying System  

Inlet Connection Material 304 Stainless  
Inlet Connection Type 3/4" Male Cam and Groove Fitting  
Max Rated Pressure 1000psi
Plumbing Material 304 Stainless  
Nozzle Tip Type Assassin 0 degree #50  
Nozzle Tip Flow Rate 6.5 - 7.5 gpm  
Max Nozzle Assembly Length 18"  

Collision Prevention System  

Type RADAR  
Model USD1
Obstacle Sensing Range
Obstacle sensing range: 0.5-50m  
Field Of View 43x30  IP Rating IP67

FPV Camera  

FOV 120 degree  
Resolution 1920x1200  
Resolution 1080p  
Video Transmission Digital    

Flight Parameters  

Flight Controller Operating Frequency 2.400-2.483GHZ  
Total Weight (Excluding battery) 21 lbs  
Max Takeoff Weight 55 lbs  
Max Thrust-Weight Ratio 2.88  
Velocity accuracy 0.05 m/s  
Battery Gens Tattu 10000 mah 12s (2x)  
Max Operating Speed 20 mph  
Max Wind Resistance 18 mph  
Max Service Ceiling Above Sea Level 2000 m  
Recommended Operating 0 to 40 degrees celcius  


Model SIYI MK15
Screen 5.5inch  
Screen Type LCD  
Battery Life 8h  
Built-in Battery 12000mah  
Max Transmission Distance 15KM  
Operating System Android  

Charging Method USB-C    

Battery Charger

Model TAA1200 
Input Voltage 110-120V  
Output Voltage and Current 4~25.2V, 0~38A  
Operating Temperature 5~+40 degrees celsius